Do this assignment and share it – as EITHER an (up-to) 800-word written piece or a 5-6 minute video. Email it to me as an email attachment if sending a written piece, or as a link to a file-sharing via Google drive if sending a video (MP4 file).

Make room in your schedule to practice one of the practices in this module three times within a time frame of 7 days and write (up-to) 800 words or make a 5-6 minute video about your experience. Include a short description of your session.

Some questions to guide your learning:

  • What did you notice when you had an opportunity to practice cultivating your awareness of touch and other senses?
  • Did you experience resistance or frozenness before beginning or during any practice sessions? If so, what forms did that resistance take?
  • Were you distracted during your sessions? Were there repeated distractions? Describe your body states during your practice.
  • Please tell me about other surprises, inhibitions, strong emotions, insights, and/or frustrations that you encountered before or during your sessions. What do you sense that you need from future practice sessions?
  • Please reflect on what you needed for this to be ok enough for your body.

Email your completed assignment to me. You will receive a response within 7 – 10 days.