Course Sexily

“And they lived Sexily Ever

“March the sound of your own drum”


In person coach call

For support, guidance and evaluation in your learning process.


More then 4 hours of audio guided sessions and animations

Get life long access to audio guided sessions, animations and exercises.



Online feedback on your homework for further learning and exploring  exercises via e-mail.


100% Personal

Learn about your most intimate self in the comfort of your own home at your own pace with online support with a personal coach.


I’m Afra, your personal coach during this course. I will be here for support, guidance and feedback. via e-mail after each exercise and in an online coach call. If you need extra one-on-one coaching sessions in my studio I’m also available for that.

Module 1: The Sorcerer's Touch

Learn why is it important to improve the quality of your touch.

Biological, physiological and emotional benefits of welcomed touch. 

Improve your somatic awareness.

Learn how to become better at (genital) (self)touch.

Module 2: The Anatomy of all

Learn how to get to know your own genitals and those of others. 

Module 3: The Mighty Release Protocol

Release genital and pelvic tissue from pain, 

numbness, tension and stuck emotions with 

soft self-massage techniques guided with animated instruction video’s. 

Module 4: The Holy House of P's

Connect to your source of power and pleasure (again).

Educate yourself about subconscious cultural beliefs about sex and gender.

Discover how power dynamics can be pleasurable for you or not. 

Module 5: The Turn-on Turtle Tales

Cultivate erotic energy through breath and movement.

 Find your sexiness and turn-ons.

Learn to improve and control your orgasms. 

Module 6: Online reflection, support and Evaluation call

In an online video call we look back and forward on what you learned and experienced and how you can bring the learned stuff with you for a more sexily every after. 

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Learn somatic practices to awaken and nurture your erotic, sexily self. 



Experiment and practice with variations of erotic inquiries that help to expand your sexily self. 



Get tools to bring partner(s) along in your sexily ever after and how to invite them to practice their sexily ever after as well.