Embodiment & Voetreflexologie

Caring for our feet is essential for caring for our whole body

Pressure points and nerve endings all over the body are located in the hands and feet. Stimulating the hands and feet therefore has a strong effect on the overall balance in your health and how you feel in your body. During a foot reflexology treatment I work with massage techniques on the pressure points, reflex zones and nerve endings in the feet and sometimes also hands to stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body. Do you pay little attention to your feet and could they use some pampering? Whether you have physical complaints such as joint pain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, headache / migraine or other, foot reflexology in many cases gives your body a boost to restore balance. As an embodiment coach, in addition to massage and foot reflexology, I have many exercises for you to start and continue at home. Embodiment House can also be found at www.voetreflex-info.nl

Relaxation massage

Touch and loving attention are vital for life

Relaxation massage is for your relaxation. That sounds obvious. Yet we often subject our body to a certain extent to the hands of the massage therapist when we walk into a massage salon and it can be difficult to indicate that you don't like something. I will work differently. At Embodiment House, your body and your Embodiment are at the core of this work. With a massage you are in control of how you want to be massaged. Every body is different. Feeling and indicating what is pleasant and what you do and do not want is important for both me as a massage therapist and you as client. In this way we arrive at a relaxing massage for you. This could mean, for example, that you decide exactly how you will be massaged from start to finish, but it could also mean that you let me do a traditional Swedish relaxation massage and want to surrender to it. Again, you decide.

Touch and loving attention is essential for overall well-being. A massage stimulates the entire body through the skin, muscles, nerves and blood circulation. Precisely because a massage affects the entire body, it is all the more important that it is as pleasant as possible.