Somatic Sex Education

Memories, emotions and behavioral patterns are stored throughout the body. Processing and changing therefore also requires a whole-body approach.

Do you want to make a journey through your body to make it your home again? Do you want to be able to let go more, enjoy, be in ecstasy? I can help you with that. In sessions based on your intentions, challenges, needs and wishes we work together towards more connection with your body, pleasure, vibrancy, well-being in your relationships, touch, sex, creativity and more. As a certified Embodiment Coach and Somatic Sexual Coach / Somatic Sex Educator I do this through exercises including Breathing, Consent, Touch, Sensate focus and Play. We learn from these body experiences to take care of, deepen and awaken the (sensual) self. Somatic Sex Education at The Institute for the study of Somatic Sex Education is a science-based and trauma-informed approach to work towards increased body awareness and sexual and relationship challenges.

If you're reading this, you've probably been feeling less comfortable for a while, maybe you've been dealing with a sexual problem for a while or you're less satisfied with your intimate relationships than you'd like. Maybe you've already tried other things, talked about it, but this didn't work enough.

Perhaps I can help you. While conversational treatments are important and helpful, they are often not enough. Memories, emotions and behavioral patterns are stored in the whole body. Processing and changing therefore requires a whole-body approach. Many physical reactions happen uncontrollably and therefore seem unchangeable, but that is not the case. Listening to your body gives you more choice. I help you listen through experiential learning, because that is the language of the body.

Uniquely in this profession, is that I am trained to offer genital and anal touch for education, healing and pleasure. When it is supportive of your learning intentions, I touch in ways that assist claiming choice and agency, in developing presence within the body, and learning to feel more and more alive.


Pelvic Release

'Let's upgrade our lives by releasing our genitals' - Pelvic Release

I am affiliated with Pelvic Release practitioners from the Netherlands. Pelvic Release is a gentle massage technique working on the tissues in the pelvic area to release ​​tension and adhesions so that it can be relieved from pain and numbness and can become a place of pleasure and connection with one's own body again. Complaints can develop gradually, for instance due to emotional tension or having had sex while the body not being ready for it. Complaints can also appear after acute changes such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, childbirth, surgery and scar tissue, excessive exercise or a traumatic experience. Even though the body has recovered medically, you may still experience lasting changes in the experience of pleasure and touch. This can have various causes. It may be that the connective tissue (fascia) is stuck. It may be that the nervous system partly shutted down or blocked the feeling to protect the body from harm or because it never learned to really feel (numbness of no feeling). Fortunately, we can also help the body and mind to feel more again. In case of tension and pain, the body has built a kind of armor (hardening the muscles) to protect itself and the inner organs from external damage (emotional and/or physical). In that case, we can slowly help the body to recognize that the armor is not always necessary and that there is also more room for relaxation and pleasure. This massage is not aimed at creating sexual pleasure during the session. 

For these sessions it is important that the body feel safe enough. Therefore, we first have an intake session and we practice consent and body awareness about nervous system responses before we plan a massage.