What I do

Foot reflexology and Massage

Do you have sore feet? Do you suffer from physical complaints or (hormonal) imbalance? Or are you looking for relaxation and care? A foot reflexology or massage treatment works on the entire body.

Embodiment en Somatic Sex Education

Do you sometimes feel like you are a head on a stick? Would you like to be more in touch with your emotions and sensations? Do you want to discover what is sexually possible for you or in your (love) relationship? Or do you have questions or difficulties about sex and sexuality? Then continue reading.

Embodiment for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Do you feel you are at risk for a burn-out? Do you have trouble knowing what you want or expressing what you truly want? Do you find it difficult to have bad news conversations? Do you find it difficult to let go of your work? Do you find it difficult to speak in groups? Is it difficult for you to make contact with colleagues? Would you like to get more out of collaboration in teams? Then keep reading.

Pelvic Release

A gentle massage that helps to release pelvic tension, pain or numbness, increases sensitivity for pleasure and (re)gaining connection to your body.