5 Mindful Erotic

Practice Inspiration Sessions:

Why, What, How?

As part of my graduation for the study of Somatic Sex Education I created Inspiration Sessions for a Mindful Erotic Practice. In this blog I explain the Why, What and How of this project. 

Why this project?

Because masturbation is the new meditation

to expand your sexual pleasure!


We often do masturbation in habitual ways without much creativity and variation. Do you recognize that? Perhaps you have one fantastic way of masturbation that always works and other things don’t, so why would you try them? Even though you would like to have more variation, you stick with what works.

First of all, it is great if you have a fantastic way that works. If you don't have a fantastic way, or perhaps not a way at all, that's ok too.

But I believe we need a switch in how we think about sex. Instead of seeing sex with yourself or with other(s) as something that solely should be about pleasure and an award in the form of an orgasm, we can also see sex as a practice. A mindful practice in touching, breathing, moving, feeling, sounding erotically can help us to become more aware of what exactly is pleasurable and how pleasure feels in our bodies. Pleasure is a Practice but that does not mean that Every

Practice is or should be only Pleasurable.

Paying close attention allows for curious exploration of smaller and/or bigger variations. It is in practicing our nervous system that we can start to make different paths of pleasure, adding them to our sexual repertoire.

However, this is easier said than done. How do you transition your masturbation into a Mindful Erotic Practice? Where do you begin?

I notice that my clients often find it difficult to find inspiration for themselves and I often get the question for some ideas for intention setting or themes they could give to their erotic practice. Several clients would appreciate inspiration in the form of a guided audio.

Therefore, I decided to make this into a project as part of my graduation for the Study of Somatic Sex Education: Guided Mindful Erotic Practice Inspiration sessions: five 60-minute sessions, free for you available!


Want to know more about the what, why and how of this project?

Watch this video in which I explain more:

So, what?

5 sessions, 300 minutes of audio material, 10 guided exercises and an evaluation form.


The themes of the sessions are the following:

  • Letting go
  • Playfulness
  • Go big, Go Small, Go animal
  • Embrace the Darkness
  • Gender Galaxy

* There is some build up in the sessions, so I recommend to do the sessions in the given order.


Here are they: The five inspiration audio sessions and the evaluation form for when you finished them:



With this project I wanted to explore how I could create some accessible tools that my clients can use as inspiration for their own erotic practice at home without large investments of microphones, camera's, audio mixing programmes etc. Irecorded these guided exercises with a simple microphone of my laptop, I made my own music on Soundtrap.com, which I really enjoyed doing and I put everything together with the help of basic free tools like Imovie and Audacity. Special thanks to my coach Corinne, who enthusiastically thought with me and gave me helpful feedback.

I would really appreciate it if you could share a few words with me about what your thoughts and feelings about these sessions were so you can also inspire me for possible future projects!


Thank you!

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