About me

Hi, I am Afra.


Naturally, I am a thinker. Always in my head, in a world full of possibilities, ideas and theories. Very aware of myself as well, but especially from the outside in. How do I look to others, how do I come across, am I good enough?

Until I encountered problems in my sexuality. Pain during sex initially led me on a journey through my head, my familiar approach. A journey through the internet in search of what it could be and a journey to more shame and self-awareness from the outside. But the pain also forced me to feel more in my own body from within. I am forever grateful to my body for that pain. Because it opened a door for me. A door to more feeling, more emotion, more connection with myself, more pleasure, more creativity, pleasure, a door to my home. And with that, more doors opened. Doors to my relationships and doors to strangers, doors to public speaking…. And the funny thing is, it was I, myself who had kept those doors closed all this time. In fact, I didn't see the door even though I knew there had to be one somewhere. And my own body led the way.


With my interest in the human body in its environment and for humans as sociable species, I chose my direction in the Sociology of Care, Health and Welfare (MSc) and I was also trained as a Foot Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and Somatic Sex Educator. I am currently weaving my interest for science together with embodied practice as a PhD-student in embodied learning for entrepreneurs.


I believe in experiential learning. As a thinker, I've found that reading, thinking, and talking about problems helps, but to a certain extent. The head is only a single part of the body and trying to solve all problems with the head is like trying to drive a car with only one wheel. Learning from the body as a whole is faster and more fun. Based on my multidisciplinary knowledge, I like to go on a journey of discovery together with you to the doors that are there for you for more pleasure, relaxation, connection and reduction of pain in order to eventually come back home to your body. Whether this is through foot reflexology, massage or somatic sex education or a combination of the three, you decide.